Stop that Madness (now)

by xabier

Today we have received an email from the Galician government. Well, not quite, as the email was not signed by anyone in government but by another company, Instituto Sondaxe (no personal names), speaking on behalf of the government. The email came from another company called Tesi Gandía, apparently not related with Sondaxe or Government, like in those million fraud emails that our spam filters confront every day.

That email was a request to fill a long questionnaire with a hidden number of questions: the company’s financial data, its workforce or its turnover over the last year. I have spent at least 45 minutes filling the complicated questionnaire on a website coded by the same guy who built the software of Challenger space shuttle. However, most questions are pointless paperwork. It is difficult to believe that anyone can extract valuable information from 450 questionnaires like this one (450 replies was 2012’s turnout). Actually, this questionnaire has been sent to hundreds of IT Galician companies, with little variation, since 2006 at leas, year after year.

I did the maths. 45 minutes for 450 companies for eight years mean 2,700 of executives’ hours, about 67 working weeks to fill an amazingly pointless questionnaire (1 year and 15 weeks). What the duck! Don’t we have anything better to do?

So I have decided to stop that little madness. Or to try to. I wrote a letter to the government body responsible of this. I asked them about the money spent, the company who has been contracted to carry out the questionnaire, and the results of that research. Past years, the conclusions did not exist or were so foreseeable and vague that could be stated before any questionnaire. I have written that letter officially, because as a citizen, I do need an answer.

This is that letter to AMTEGA.