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Manifest of 343 Bastards

I share everything is said in the manifest below, although I could slightly disagree in nuances and particular words. I’ve translated it from French.

When it comes to prostitution, we are believers, churchgoers or agnostics.
Some of us did, do or will pick up some whores, and they are not even ashamed of that.
Some others, without being [...]

O manifesto dos 343 cabróns

Comparto todo o que se di neste manifesto, aínda que haxa matices nalgunhas palabras cos que poida discrepar. Traduzo do orixinal en francés.

Cando se fala de prostitución, nós somos crentes, practicantes ou agnósticos.
Algúns de nós foron, van, ou van ir aos e ás putas, e nin sequera se avergoñan.
Outros, sen ser clientes (por motivos que [...]