Manifest of 343 Bastards

by xabier

I share everything is said in the manifest below, although I could slightly disagree in nuances and particular words. I’ve translated it from French.

When it comes to prostitution, we are believers, churchgoers or agnostics.

Some of us did, do or will pick up some whores, and they are not even ashamed of that.

Some others, without being customers themselves (for reasons of their exclusive concern) did not have, nor they will, the civic impulse to denounce their acquaintances who resort to paid love.

Gay and straight, libertine and monogamous, loyal and Casanova, we are men. Yet we are not those frustrated men, pervs or psychos described by supporters of a repression dressed up as feminist fight. Regardless we pay or not for our carnal relations, we wouldn’t break the consent of our lovers under no circumstances. Yet we think that everyone has the right to freely sell their charms, even loving to do so. We reject MPs dictating rules to regulate our pleasures and desires.

We don’t like violence, nor human exploitation and traffic. And we hope that government is doing its best to tackle prostitution networks and to punish pimps.

We love freedom, literature and intimacy. And all three are in danger when government put its nose between our legs.

Today is prostitution. Tomorrow will be pornography. What would it be banned after tomorrow?

We will not give up before that virtue league attacking scarlet women (and men). Against the sexually correct, we would live as adults.

All together, we proclaim:
Don’t touch my whore!