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Manifest of 343 Bastards

I share everything is said in the manifest below, although I could slightly disagree in nuances and particular words. I’ve translated it from French.

When it comes to prostitution, we are believers, churchgoers or agnostics.
Some of us did, do or will pick up some whores, and they are not even ashamed of that.
Some others, without being [...]

Fairness in Tendering

Diputación de Huesca, a Spanish regional government, has called for offers to redesign its website. Once again, when it comes to public services in Spain, the process is full of shenanigans and countless inconsistencies, rising a solid suspicion that it would not be a fair selection process. Is that a problem? Well, it is since [...]

Stop that Madness (now)

Today we have received an email from the Galician government. Well, not quite, as the email was not signed by anyone in government but by another company, Instituto Sondaxe (no personal names), speaking on behalf of the government. The email came from another company called Tesi Gandía, apparently not related with Sondaxe or Government, like [...]

Three Views On Catalan Elections

There would be by now plenty analysis about the Catalan elections, and how their results will affect Catalan, Spanish and even European politics in the months to come. I am not a political analyst, and I would afford you such job of underlining the impressive victory of CiU or claiming for the public beheading of [...]

An Old Commission

The names’ list of European ministers was unveiled on Friday with few surprises. Actually, the system to elect the commissioners is not only poorly democratic, but also the best way to promote inefficiency.