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Zapatero, 39 Large Companies and Some Freakstats

Zapatero, the Spanish PM, is in trouble. In the eve of his party worst ever election results in Catalonia, the rumours of a possible bail-out of Spain are increasing. In that point, more than two years after the beginning of the financial crisis, he decided to meet a group of the most important Spanish CEOs: [...]

Act as You Innovate; I’ll Act as I Fund Innovation

I have not posted anything in this blog for ages, and now it is time for a comeback. During these last months the economic situation in Spain —including Galicia— has been worsening and, even if we pay no attention to oracles such as the almost-always-right entrepreneur Marc Vidal, it must be admitted that a dark [...]

Council Bankruptcy

Local authorities in Spain have large amounts of debt, but this debt is not homogeneously spread throughout the country, and bankruptcy is (why not?) a serious threat for some of them. Or, even worse, for everybody in Spain. This is a short analysis of council debt figures in Spain and Galicia.